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Melbourne, Days 9 and 10 – Great Ocean Road, rock waves and graffiti

Melbourne, Twelve Apostles

GOR, the receipt!

Try to image: two Mexicans, one Italian, four Chinese, some Aussie guys, a bit of India and Bangladesh. Mix them with a cute guide from Osaka, who has recently moved to Australia… What do you get? This is the typical Tour of Great Ocean Road, the most famous road in South-eastern Australia!

243 km to commemorate the soldiers who died during the First World War, built by their luckier colleagues who made it back home, but had the difficult challenge to become part of society again.
The road starts in Melbourne but the official GOR starts in Torquay, actually. It is a spectacular scenic route running along the ocean, with a boundless view, powerful waves crashing on cliffs, sometimes you think to be in Ireland.

The journey

In Australia I saw the most incredible waves ever seen: high, majestic, so powerful that they make you feel helpless and tiny. The classic GOR stops are Lorne, an anonymous village stretching along the road, Apollo Bay and the legendary Twelve Apostles, limestone stacks (actually today only eight are left). My favourite stop is Loch Ard Gorge and its secret beach, hidden among the rocks, where Loch Ard ship crashed: sadly, only 2 of the 54 passengers survived. The tour (see here), recommended by my sister, is the cheapest on the market and is full of backpackers, not including lunch … A good excuse to stop at a ramen house, where I really gloat when a Malaysian compliments my use of chopsticks.

At the end of the day there is a lottery, I incredibly win another free tour, but since I know I will never be able to do it (I am leaving on the next day) I give to the Mexican girls. They both moved to Australia to study, and I discover that one of them, the cutest, is the granddaughter of a Japanese who fled to Mexico during World War II. This is melting pot Australia!

Melbourne Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road, the starting point
Melbourne, Twelve Apostles
Great Ocean, the famous Twelve Apostles! Unluckily the weather was awful here 🙁
Great Ocean Road, My Malaysian stew!
My Malaysian stew!
Along the Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road, Loch Ard Gorge
My favourite secret place: Loch Ard Gorge

10 Replies to “Melbourne, Days 9 and 10 – Great Ocean Road, rock waves and graffiti”

  • I did this tour many years ago and it’s a part of Australia that i really love. Incredible to think how they built that road all with their hands!

  • Le onde australiane sono il sogno di mio marito, che però negli ultimi anni ha sviluppato una seria paura dell’aereo. Spero gli passi quanto prima perchè non vorrei limitarmi negli spostamenti e queste zone sono da sempre nei miei sogni di viaggio.

  • Although the weather was a bit unstable, I imagine how exciting it was to see the 12 Apostles and immortalize these splendid cliffs!

  • Australian melting pot is extraordinary and reserves great surprises!
    I have some friends who have moved there and others who have worked there for a while, and everyone, absolutely everyone, has told me that I have to see Twelve Apostles!
    I’m sorry you saw them on a rainy day… but your photo is incredible!😍

  • I drove along the great ocean road some years ago, with my boyfriend (well, he actually drove! :D) and it was really an amazing experience. The weather was not the best, but not so awful too, so we really enjoyed it. Arriving at the 12 Apostles in late afeternoon, just before sunset, was surely the hit of that journey!

  • I never been to Australia but this part of the coast seems amazing. You were very lucky to win the lottery even tho you couldn’t go and enjoy it. Your act of kindness will get back to you at some point in life. 🙂

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