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Cairns, Days 23, 24 & 25 – Sporty Car Rentals & Paradise Beaches

Queensland, Kewarra Beach

Plan a visit to the Daintree Forest, all the way up to North Queensland, in a road trip with a rental car. Make it perfect with a night in the rainforest, in a suspended tree cabin. Book everything in advance, to be careful. Perhaps, it would have been and excellent idea to have credit on the Mastercard as well…

After landing in Cairns from Darwin, I live the first misadventure of my Aussie trip. I booked a car for my 2-days excursion to Daintree Forest, but Budget rental at the airport asks me for my credit card for pre-authorization. Cash, debit card, euros, I’ve got everything, but… unluckily it’s the last days of the month and – damn! – I’ve reached the credit card limit! Tragedy. I beg in vain all the rental agencies at the airport, until I find these fantastic people from All Day Car Rentals on the internet. On the website it seems like they also accept cash.
They have just one shop in town, closing in 20 minutes, so the guy on the phone, finding out I’m Italian (I kindly understand that there’s an Italian boss) offers to pick me up at the airport and then try to figure out together. Online reviews for “All Day Car Rentals” are not just bad, they are… frightful. Someone speaks about a $3,000 deposit for the rental… but at this point I have no choice. A weird fat guy, probably aboriginal ancestry, shows up in an old red Seat, directly from 80’s… and here we go!

We arrive at the office where a very nervous employee tries to rent me a car. For some reason – ok, I’m not lucky today – I can’t withdraw any more cash to pay the deposit, so I cannot go anywhere by car. I have been disappointed for 35 seconds: IN CAIRNS THERE IS THE SEA AND THERE ARE BEACHES!!

The amazingly nice guy brings me through a secret alley to the backyard of a hostel under renovation, and advises me to talk to Sidney. I don’t ask questions anymore, I feel like I’m in a movie! Never paid such a cheap price, about 7 euros per night, and the room was even clean! Paying day by day, I plan two days of beach and relaxation… And also a nice visit to the Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome, to explore Queensland’s animals. A paradise for kids, here you can live a thrilling experience with the zipline ending just over the head of Goliath, a big estuarine crocodile. At December 2023, the park is no longer in operation.

Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach. Clifton has the same name of a South African beach, the second most beautiful beach in the world, according to National Geographic.
In the next days, I live a dream. Long strips of white sand surrounded by palm trees, bathed by powerful waves, each one with its own alert for crocodiles & jellyfishes. I reach them by bus, like the little girls from Cairns with their backpacks and towels on their shoulders, coming home when it gets dark. Bats will then be circling above the bus stop, while all the suburbs’ houses, at the same time, will light up for dinner.

Trinity Beach
Cairns, Trinity Beach
Cairns, Trinity Beach
Cairns, Kewarra Beach
Kewarra Beach in Cairns
Cairns, Kewarra Beach
Kewarra Beach in Cairns
Cairns, Wildlife Dome
Cairns, BIG friends in the Wildlife Dome

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