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Sa Sartiglia, il misterioso Carnevale di Oristano

Sartiglia, Su Componidori

Misteri ancestrali Un’arcana figura androgina, con una maschera enigmatica, un velo femmineo e un nero cappello a cilindro, che incede tra la folla su un cavallo bardato da coccarde coloratissime. E’ Su Componidori, il semidio protagonista della Sartiglia di Oristano: Read more…

Tortolì: 10 places you cannot miss

Tortolì, Rocce Rosse

I still have a clear pic in my mind about the first time I’ve been to Tortolì: it was june, 2 years ago, I was going there for work and I had no exact idea about the route, deeply trusting Read more…

Gavoi, a stoned village in the woods


A fairy stoned village framed by forests and mountains, a nice lake, good food and old traditions. Where? You can find Gavoi in the middle of Barbagia, an inner region in Sardinia close to Gennargentu Mountains, not so far from Read more…