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10 unusual Easter traditions all over the world

Finnish Witches Easter

Do you think Easter is all about eggs and chocolate? Well, this quick overview on weird – and mostly funny – 10 unusual Easter traditions all over the world may change your mind.Before Christian era, the Easter days were connected Read more…

How to party New Year’s Eve twice


On the last day of 2019 I was looking through Couchsurfing events in Milan… and here’s a weird idea from a crazy guy: to leave from Milan, celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spain, then cross the border and to celebrate Read more…

How Couchsurfing changed my life

Ok, here is an ambytious title 🙂 I don’t have secrets on the meaning of existence or other serious stuff, but I believe that some small discoveries can really open new horizons. Therefore, here you have how Couchsurfing changed my Read more…

Confessions of a red notebook

child writing on a red notebook

I have a new goal: to inspire you with my travel stories, escaping from the world, in pursuit of my dreams, maybe just looking for new exciting horizons and people in a world so huge and complex to be infinite.